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Assembly Technician

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Assembly Technician

Emplacement : Salem, MA, United States


Essential Functions of the job: (Absolutely need to be able to perform these activities) . Hand soldering skills, J-Standard certification. . Hand population of thru-hole electronic components onto PCBAs. . Mechanical assembly of components. These components can be somewhat small requiring the use of a microscope. . Point to point wiring of clock . Strong manual hand/finger dexterity. . Must have the ability to clearly read and interpret all work instructions. . Works and relates well to others.


Qualifications/Requirements: . Must have strong hand soldering skills. J-Std Solder Certification . Experience: Requires a high school diploma or equivalent and 2-5 years thru-hole hand soldering experience. Additionally, the position requires mechanical assembly experience, or other equivalent training and experience. . "J" standard certification . Other Competencies: Allocates time and resources efficiently, focusing on ever-shifting priorities; continually seeks way to improve individual/team efficiency. . Physical Requirements: Be able to stand or sit for up to 8 hour. Also must have the ability to walk to the inventory stores as well as the visual boards. Must have the ability to occasionally lift up to 20 lbs.