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Manufacturing Engineer

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Manufacturing Engineer

Location: Manila, MA, Philipinnes


1. Support Design and Development Engineering in setting up production line. 2. Ensures that all prototypes builds, parts validation, qualification samples , risk builds and production builds are met per schedule. 3. Ensures that all production metrics are met. These include cycle time and daily line items and volume commitments. 4. Make recommendations to engineering group to improve processes and yield. 5. Handle projects which would improve constant flow of products in line. 6. Ensures that all tools, fixtures, jigs and other items needed for mass production are complete. 7. Ensures that production personnel are trained and adhere to SOP's all the time. 8. Help PE and EE in the analysis of issues related to process, materials, machine and procedures. 9. Perform other functions as may be assigned


*BS Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Industrial or Manufacturing Engineering Graduate. Other courses may be considered as long as candidate show willingness to learn. *Technical Skills: Analytical, problem solver, basic materials and machine systems know how *Behavioral Skills: Good in handling people, fast learner, honest, flexible pragmatic, and with good communication skills